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Hospital Profile

Dibuk Hospital is part of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services network (BDMS). Located in Phuket, the hospital opened on the 1st of 2014. We are a new option of tertiary hospital offering services to both Thai and foreigners. Aiming to create a service that is up to standard, efficient and affordable price by utilizing technology and advancement to enhance our services.

Moreover, our establishment is a “Hospital Accreditation“ or HA standard certified hospital while Bangkok Hospital Phuket supervise on matters of Quality Control and Medical Service safety.


The main features of Dibuk Hospital which coincides with our vision of creating services that are up to standard,
efficient or at a reasonable cost are as following:

  • Pinto Building : The structure of the building stems from the out of the box thinking setting sight on creating a clear significance in Hospital architecture uniqueness.
  • Fast and Efficient services: We set clear layout for our work scope and diagrams of our operating units while utilizing the latest information technology to ensure a quick a precision oriented service for our patients.
  • Location : Dibuk Hopital is located on Chao-fah west Rd. One of Phuket’s thriving routes where shops, community and school resides.
  • Our hospital network : We are the part or widely respected BDMS network. Our patient received the utmost confidence to entrust their health related issues with us.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility : At Dibuk Hospital, we realize that our roles and responsibilities towards our society, neighborhood and the environment plays a significant role in maintaining a sustainable foundation for our organization.
  • Leader in IT innovations : With the application of IT in our service, we have managed provide patients with a convenient, efficient and quality enhanced services while reducing our resource consumption ultimately creating an environmental friendly service.